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Win your chance to release a wild animal!

On the 1st of every month, we will be randomly choosing a monthly recuring donor to attend a release with 1 friend or family member!

Qualifications to Win: 
~You must be a monthly recurring donor (check the box “Yes, bill my card today and on the (date) of every following month.”)
~ Able to be contacted by provided phone or email with the time and place of the release.
~Be able to meet us anywhere in Hancock County, depending on where the animal is being released.
~Give your permission to be photographed for use in promoting the Center.

Rules/ Steps:
~On the first of every month, we will choose a donor at random.
~We will then be in touch by phone or email with that’s month raffle winner. 
~We will then schedule with the winner, a release day, time, and location.
~If you can’t make it to the scheduled release, we will attempt to schedule a different release 1 more time.
~You + one guest of yours are allowed to attend, no more than that are allowed.
~You commit to follow our instructions during the release.
~You will not be able to choose the animal species you want to attend the release of.
~Every month you’re a recurring donor you are eligible to the next month’s drawing.